How it Works

BITCOIN BLUE is a Bitcoin technology innovation on peer-to-peer networks that is used as a fast transaction, so it does not involve third parties. Each transaction will go through verification to the person who participated in securing the network, after going through further verification, the transaction will be processed and stored in a notebook or block explorer on a network that is decentralized.

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Create Wallet Account

First, you are required to download the Bitcoin Blue wallet, so that when you want to buy Bitcoin Blue coins you have a safe place to store them and everyone has a unique address to send and receive Bitcoin Blue.

Safe & Secure

The Bitcoin Blue wallet is very safe for storing your coins, because we have a decentralized data system. So you don't have to worry about losing the Blue Bitcoin you have.

Buy & Sell

You can buy Bitcoin Blue on the official website ( After you buy Bitcoin Blue you can do mining or reselling in the digital market that has worked with us.

Specification of Bitcoin Blue

Coin name = Bitcoin Blue
Ticker = BCB
Algorithm = Quark / POS
Block reward = 1 – 15 BCB
Masternode Collateral = 3.000 BCB
Masternode reward = 80%
Staking (POS) reward = 20%
Block Time = 60 seconds
Maximal supply = 21.000.000 BCB
Premine = 200.000 BCB (0.95%)


Why Bitcoin Blue

BITCOIN BLUE is the development of Satoshi Nakamoto's original cryptocurrency. Because until now transactions in Bitcoin often experience pending transactions, so Bitcoin Blue is present to handle the problem, and the cost of making transactions on Bitcoin Blue is very low fee.

Safe & Secure
Private Access
Fast Transaction
Low Fee
Smart Technology
Bitcoin Blue

Pricing & values

Starting time :

January 18, 2019 (Friday 23:59 AM)

Ending time :

February 18, 2019 (Monday 00:00 PM)

Market Caps :

Coming Soon

Low - High 24h :

Coming Soon

Available Coins :

9.000 BCB

Acceptable Currency :

BTC, Eth, Ltc, Dash

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Price per Coin

Road Map

BITCOIN BLUE has RoadMap so the goal is to create a digital cryptocurrency and perfect Satoshi Nakamoto's original cryptocurrency.

Download Wallets

BITCOIN BLUE wallet is a desktop application that can be used as your Bitcoin Blue coin storage and can also be used as a coin transaction tool on Bitcoin Blue. So that users who want to make transactions are very easy to use and very safe, of course.

The advantage of using this wallet is that you can also mine coins in the Bitcoin Blue wallet. So you can easily mine Bitcoin Blue and get the benefits.

Coming soon, please check RoadMap to find out the launch time.

Coming soon, please check RoadMap to find out the launch time.

Coming soon, please check RoadMap to find out the launch time.


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